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Site Curators

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Our Policy for Content and Attribution.

This website is intended to be a resource for preservation and sharing of historical and architectural information about The City of Fort Worth Texas. The webmaster, sponsors, and curators of this site are not engaged in this endeavor for profit.

Information included on this website comes to us from many varied sources, and at times the original sources may be difficult for us to ascertain. In some cases photos and articles are believed to be in the public domain, and therefore are not subject to copyright. No materials that are known to be copyrighted by others will be used except as provided for by Fair Use Provisions of U.S. Copyright Law or with permission of the copyright owner.

If any visitor to this website feels that any materials herein contained or referenced are not in compliance with copyright laws the webmaster requests that you notify us immediately by email. Appropriate action will be taken and any such item will be removed if the status of that item or it’s permitted use by us is in question.

The sources of material on this website are numerous and in many cases too unclear for us to provide appropriate credit, especially for individual items throughout the site. Many times photos and articles are found online where they have been posted on various websites that do not indicate the provenance of the item. If the items appear to our curators to be authentic and of interest to our visitors they may be posted on the website without information regarding the original source.

Items from many large collections, both online and offline have been included in this site. These items are scattered throughout the site in an effort to consolidate similar items from different sources in a manner that helps site visitors better understand individual subjects within the site. Because of the reorganization of this material in this manner, it is difficult to attach credits to each and every item and often impossible to determine if the contributor is the original source or owner of the article or image.

Ideally, each and every item on our website would have information regarding its source and original ownership so that those people could be thanked and given appropriate credit for preserving a piece of history for us to share with you. The site curators offer our sincere thanks to everyone whose contributions appear on the pages and posts of Lack of proper credit shown on this site is unintentional and no sign of disrespect. We are happy to add mention of your contributions wherever we can throughout the site for individual items if you will provide us with the information necessary to do so.

Additionally, we would like to offer sincere appreciation for the following sources where many articles, photos and bits of historical information were found. These individuals and organizations have helped us all to understand and appreciate the history and character of our city, Fort Worth Texas. All information from these sources is included here either under Fair Use Provisions of U.S. Copyright Law or with permission of the owner.

  • The Amon Carter Museum of American Art
  • The Jack White Collection of Historic Fort Worth Photos, University of Texas at Arlington
  • The University of Texas at Arlington, online Digital Collection
  • Photos provided by John T. Roberts, AIA

Finally, we are always looking for new and interesting material to present to visitors to this website. If you have an individual item or collection that is heretofore unknown that you would like to preserve and share with the general public please contact the webmaster or any of the site curators to include it in Your contribution will be gratefully acknowledged on the site.

Please contact the webmaster, Tim D. Young with any questions, comments or concerns here.